Foxii the way to be…

If someone calls a woman Foxii (foxy), they mean that she is very attractive.

Some common synonyms of Foxii are artful, crafty, cunning, slick, tricky, and witty. While all these words mean “attaining or seeking to attain one’s attention by artful or crafty means”, Foxii also means sexy or cool so stay foxy is like saying “keep doing what you are doing”.

So here we present a brand of apparel for all the Foxii people in this beautiful world. Wear what you Feel and Feel what you Wear. A new way to express yourself freely.

The T-Shirts Versatility has a great deal to with its ability to outlast trends. It’s the only piece of cloth that can be worn for any occasion, from under a shirt, with a suit, to the gym, beach, and to bed.

The t-shirts are made with absolutely best fabric because whether worn as a base layer or solo, a t-shirt should feel like a second skin. So get ready to be complimented for your casual style statement when you wear these t-shirts with a pair of distressed or slim-fit jeans and your matching sneakers. T-shirts not only define your style sense but also is comfortable enough so that you can make the optimum use of them.